Yajayra Huerta Killed In Car Crash With Hit and Run Driver Near...

Yajayra Huerta Killed In Car Crash With Hit and Run Driver Near The City of Marengo


The DailyHerald.com is reporting that a woman at the wheel of a go-kart died Saturday night after being struck from behind by a car near Marengo.

Authorities with the McHenry County sheriff’s department says the driver who hit the go-kart left the scene of the accident but was found later on. The 26 year old of the striking vehicle was arrested and charged with failing to reduce speed and leaving the scene of the accident.

The woman who was killed is Yajayra Huerta, 29, of Elgin. The hospital that received her pronounced her deceased a short time after the accident.

It is presumed that the accident investigation is ongoing.

We will have more information on this accident as it becomes available.

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