Peter Karmar Suffers Major Injuries in Eight Vehicle Wreck on I-24 in...

Peter Karmar Suffers Major Injuries in Eight Vehicle Wreck on I-24 in Johnson County

SHARE is reporting on a major car and big rig wreck outside of Vienna, Illinois. A total of eight vehicles were involved. The accident occurred at 12:08 PM according to the Illinois State Police.

Described as a chain reaction crash, troopers say a Peterbilt semi, driven by Nathan Fast, 37, of Byron, drove into a Toyota Corolla that was stopped or driving slowly because of construction up ahead on I-24. When the Toyota was impacted, the force of that collision drove the vehicle into other cars that had formed a line of traffic.

Injured included 21 year old Paris, Missouri resident Brant Francis, 52 year old Barbara Francis, 38 year old Lawerence Sutton of Jackson, South Carolina, Peter Karmar, 57, of Sweetwater, Tennessee, and Naeen Shaikh, 59, of Paducah. Also injured were 61 year old Mark Riley of West Paducah and John Boss, 40, from St. Paul, Missouri. A multitude of vehicles were damaged, some of which caught fire and burned.

The accident remains under investigation, but in a late development, the driver of the semi-truck, Nathan Fast, has been charged with failure to reduce speed to avoid a crash and driving fatigued. It should be known, however, that the Newton Press Mentor quoted an early ISP report as saying the driver of the 2016 Freightliner truck-tractor semi-trailer was in fact Christopher Todd Rogers, 51, Indianapolis, IN. We will update this post with the most accurate facts as they are released.

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