Moped Driver Killed In Crash With Car on Troy-O’Fallon Road In Troy

Moped Driver Killed In Crash With Car on Troy-O’Fallon Road In Troy

SHARE is reporting that Thomas J. Layden was killed while he was riding a moped Thursday morning on Troy-O’Fallon Road in Troy.

The accident occurred at approximately 9:20 AM.

Authorities say that Layden was waiting to turn left onto Country Lane from Troy-O’Fallon when he was struck from behind by a vehicle driven by Chester resident Elizabeth McClure, 22.

Anderson Hospital received Layden but he died from a broken neck some 40 minutes after being hit.

The accident is still under investigation. Toxicology reports are pending. On Thursday, however, Troy Police Department Chief Brad Parsons said that a preliminary investigation indicated that McClure did not brake before striking the moped.

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