John Overstreet Killed in Accident at the Orchard Hills Landfill in Davis...

John Overstreet Killed in Accident at the Orchard Hills Landfill in Davis Junction


According to, John Overstreet died Wednesday morning when he was struck by an out of control semi-truck at the Orchard Hills landfill.

Authorities with the Ogle County Sherriff’s Office state that Overstreet was tending to his trailer when a semi-truck pulled up near his rig. The driver of that truck got out, only to realize that his vehicle was rolling forward toward Overstreet. Unable to stop the truck in time, the semi-truck collided with Overstreet, killing him. The two vehicles are said to both be garbage haulers.

The Illinois State Police are assisting in the investigation, in particular, examining the still unidentified semi-truck driver whose rig went out of control.

We at Illinois Accident Report commiserate with the friends and family of the victim. By writing these posts, we at Illinois Accident Report wish to raise safety awareness and provide the community with accident data. All of us at Illinois Accident Report are deeply saddened by this loss of life. Nothing can console the friends and families affected by such a terrible tragedy. We send condolences to all those involved.

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