Jerome McCaulley And 13 Others Injured in Multiple Vehicle Crash on Highway...

Jerome McCaulley And 13 Others Injured in Multiple Vehicle Crash on Highway 111 Between Route 140 and Airline Drive in Bethalto


The is reporting that thirteen or more people were received by local hospitals after a 2004 BMW sedan ran into a line of cars on Monday evening. The accident happened at approximately 9:50 PM, following a fireworks display in Bethalto.

The accident occurred on Illinois Highway 111 between Route 140 and Airline Drive in Bethalto.

According to authorities, at least nine cars were impacted by the BMW which ran into them. Bethalto Deputy Chief Jason Lamb said the accident was caused by Jerome McCaulley, 31, of Cottage Hills.

The Deputy Chief said McCaulley had a suspended license when he ran into a line of cars at a “high rate of speed”. Those vehicles were trying to leave by way of Highway 111 after the night’s fireworks.

The says that first responders were already at the site of the fireworks display.

McCaulley was received by the Barnes medical facility in St. Louis for his wounds.

The Deputy Chief went on to say that both adults and juveniles were received by local medical facilities, but that none had any life-threatening injuries at the time of being admitted.

Depending on toxicology results, further charges may await McCaulley.

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