Jane Pelczynski Severely Injured in Car Crash on Illinois Route 15 Near...

Jane Pelczynski Severely Injured in Car Crash on Illinois Route 15 Near Beacoup Township Road in Washington County


WSLITV.com is reporting that a woman from Ashley, Jane Pelczynski, 72, was airlifted from an accident scene caused by an out of control vehicle that crashed into her. The offending driver was cited for improper passing and failing to reduce speed to avoid an accident.

According to the Illinois State Police, Holly Reinheimer,a 28 year old Freeburg resident, attempted to pass several vehicles on Illinois Route 15 when she lost control of her vehicle. The accident occurred near Beacoup Township Road in Washington County.

The accident happened on Thursday afternoon at a time not mentioned by the news outlet.

Reinheimer is said to have serious injuries.

We presume the accident investigation is ongoing and we will have more information on it as it becomes available.

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