David Muzzey Killed in Five Vehicle Crash on Route 53 in Romeoville

David Muzzey Killed in Five Vehicle Crash on Route 53 in Romeoville


CBS Chicago is reporting that 58 year old David A. Muzzey died recently as the result of a five vehicle crash on the outskirts of Romeoville. CBS Chicago says the accident happened Thursday night on Route 53, however, they may mean Tuesday night as their article is dated the 13th. The news outlet also gives the home town of Muzzey as either Romeoville or Lockport.

No account of the crash was given except that five vehicles were involved.

Besides the death of Muzzey, a 34-year-old Joliet man was received by Amita Bolingbrook Hospital for his injuries.

The accident investigation is continuing.

We will have more information on this as it becomes available.

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