Daniel Mendoza Killed By Falling Tree On The Grounds of The Rock...

Daniel Mendoza Killed By Falling Tree On The Grounds of The Rock Island County Courthouse


KWQC is reporting from Rock Island that Daniel Mendoza and Lawrence Anderson were both killed when a tree fell on them while they attended a fireworks display.

The accident took place on the grounds of the Rock Island County Court House in Rock Island.

Witness Melanie Brown Ledbetter described how she heard cracking sounds at approximately 9:45 PM. When she turned toward the sound, she saw a piece of a large tree fall onto a group of fellow attendees.

The accident took the life of Daniel Mendoza, a 61 year old Rock Island resident, and Lawrence Anderson, a 72 year old resident of Moline. Five others were injured.

The accident investigation is still continuing, and, in fact, crews were still on the grounds of the Courthouse at three this morning.

We will have more information as it becomes available.

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