Carl Malinowski Seriously Injured in Workplace Accident in Calumet

Carl Malinowski Seriously Injured in Workplace Accident in Calumet


According to the Chicago Sun-Times, a blast at the Calumet Water Reclamation Plant injured nine workers on Thursday. Seriously hurt was Carl Malinowski, 51, who had worked at the facility for over ten years.

An authority with the Reclamation District said Malinowski was dispatched Thursday morning to free a frozen bolt with a torch. An explosion resulted during the work which collapsed the workspace building.

The explosion is said to be the result of a methane buildup but officials with the Chicago Fire Department, the Illinois Department of Labor, and OSHA are still investigating the accident scene, the cause of which remains a mystery.

Besides Malinowski, eight others were injured to more or less greater degrees.

Malinowski’s sister is quoted by the Chicago Sun-Times as as saying, “They have no idea what happened,” she said. “Why was methane allowed to build up? Why wasn’t it detected on the monitors? Who gave them the okay to do this? There are many questions here, and there needs to be answers. We need to figure this out so nothing like this ever happens again.”

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